This unit has been established in 2007 with vision to produce huge quantity of rotor yarn. It is also a 100% export oriented yarn manufacturing unit. The mill is well oriented by all computerized, comprehensive electronic and automatic machineries. Yarn produced in the factory is mainly used for own house consumptions in different units of Knitting factories owned by Roshawa Group. Yarn produced in this unit is also exported against back to back LC to some selective garment manufacturers with reputation for its quality in the fashion world.

Factory Building:

A prefabricated steel building had been erected inside the mill having area of total 45,200 Sft. This steel building was cost Tk, 92.47200 (Ninety two lac forty seven thousand two hundred) only. There is Blow-room section, Carding Section, Drawing Section, Rotor Section and Quality control Section to Control the Quality yarn process. Other departments are AC Plant, Sub-station, Generator House, and Pump House.

Quarters & Accommodation

Accommodation for all level of employees has been ensured inside the mill premises. Managerial staffs such as Foremen to General Manager(s), who are performing important tasks inside the mill, have been allowed to provide family quarters inside the mill premises. There are 44 (forty four) apartments for family living of the top level of employees. Besides the above, separate workers shades for both male and female workers have been established. Every levels of employees are availing the above accommodation with free of costs, they need not to stay outside the mill and do not pay any rent to the company.

Family Quarter-1(Near to SRL Rotor): There are 22 Apartments for family living in the 6 six storied building which is adjacent to Rotor section.

Family Quarter-2(Nearer to Generator Section): There are also 22 Apartments for family living in the 6 (six) storied building which is nearer to Generator Section.


There are two warehouses- Finished Yam Godown and Wastage Godown inside the mill premises having area of about 10,000 Sft. Each warehouse was build with prefabricated steel building.