Roshawa Spinning Mils Ltd. is a 100% export oriented yarn manufacturing unit, engaged in producing same percent cotton yarn. This unit has been established in 14 acres of land with 33,264 Ring Spindles. Erection of the unit commenced in 1996 with world class textile yarn producing machineries of European and Japanese origin. Commercial production started in 2003.

Factory Building

A prefabricated steel building was established inside the mill. There are Blow-room section, Carding Section, Drawing Section, Autocone Section, Ring Section, Yarn Twisting Section and Quality Section to process yarn. Other departments are AC Plant, Generator Section, Sub-station, Pump House and Workshop Department. 

Quarters & Accommodation   

Accommodation for all level of employees have been ensured inside the mill premises. Managerial staffs such as Foremen to General Manager(s) who are performing important tasks inside the mill, have been allowed to provide family quarters inside the mill premises. There are twelve apartments for family living of the top level of employees. Separate bachelor quarters for both male and female staffs have been built where 100 (one hundred) staffs have been accommodated. Besides the above, separate worker’s shades for both male and female workers have been established where 700 (seven hundred) workers have been accommodated. Every levels of employees are availing the above accommodation with free of costs. They need not to stay outside the mill and do not pay any rent to the company.

Family Quarter-1: Adjacent to Mosque: There are 6 (six) Apartments in the Family Quarter No. 1 which is adjacent to Mosque inside the mill.    

Family Quarter-2: Above on the Store Department: There are also 6 (six) Apartments in the Family Quarter No. 2 which consist in 3 (three) floors above on the Store Department.    


There are three warehouses- two Row Cotton Godowns, a Finished Yarn Godown and a Wastage Godown inside the mill premises having area of about 40,000 Sft. Each warehouse was build with prefabricated steel building. Ware House for Finished yarn is situated inside the main factory building and the delivery is made from this ware house.

Raw Cotton Warehouse-1: This is the first raw cotton warehouse in this mill which is situated beside the blow room. Total area of this warehouse is about 14,000 Sft.   

Raw Cotton Warehouse-2: This warehouse is built in the middle of the main entrance of the mill and the mill shades. It is nearer to Store Department. Total area of this warehouse is 12,171 Sft. Tk. 92,97,200/- has been spent to built this warehouse.   

Wastage Cotton Godown-3: This Godown is situated adjacent to Raw Cotton Warehouse No. 2. Total area of this Godown is 2,436 Sft. Tk. 3,00,000/- has been spent to built this warehouse.   

Finished Yarn Warehouse: This warehouse is placed at the southeast corner of the main factory building and its area is about 12,000 Sft. Finished yarn is kept in this warehouse and delivery to different parties are made from this warehouse.